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Top power exercise for athletes

[sgmb id=”1″]Ollie from UYRUFC performing a fantastic POWER exercise, the power clean and hang clean!  

Strength and Conditioning for Combat Sport

It shouldn’t still shock me (but it does) when I hear coaches and athletes say that “weight training will slow you down” and/or “lifting weights will bulk you up”. This isn’t just what I’ve heard from combat sports, this includes a whole host of sporting disciplines, including sprinting, team sport and many other backgrounds that depend on…
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Swiss Ball Roll-outs – Core strength exercise

Roll outs are one of the best anti-extension core exercises out there which I use a lot with my clients and athletes. Here we have Thai Boxing Luke Imeson working on Swiss ball roll-outs which are a good starting point. The aim is to keep your hips extended, kneeling tall and keep your trunk braced…
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Power Step-ups

A top single leg explosive exercise that can be utilised by athletes looking to develop explosive power, particularly combat athletes, team sports, racquet sports etc. Start in a good solid position with your lead leg positioned on a box/bench (not too high though, approx. 12″). Keep the majority of your weight over the front leg…
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Barbell Anti-rotation

Here we’ve got Thai Boxer Luke Imeson performing an anti-rotation exercise as part of a tri-set. We’re looking for good posture throughout the movement, with hips and shoulders facing forward. Really good exercise to use for many sports and easily progressed. The first progression is this 10 o’clock to 2 o’clock movement. Particularly good in…
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Muay Thai Athlete – Power Circuit 2

Fight prep for Thai Boxer Luke Imeson – Power Circuit 2

Muay Thai Athlete – Power Circuit

Thai boxer Luke Imeson working on some quality power movements. Quality over quantity, focussing on explosive efforts.