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Hello! As well as working with various athletes aiming to improve performance, I also work with FANTASTIC Personal Training clients (check out some of the testimonials below)! I can offer dedicated support to help you achieve YOUR personal goals!

Want to lose body fat?

Have you recently given birth and wish to get back in shape?

Or do you wish to improve your health and nutrition?

These are just some of the goals my clients have achieved through my coaching, guidance and dedicated support. I am a firm believer of using evidence backed methods of training to coach my clients to elicit superior results.

If you have a goal in mind, take action now and take the first step to making it happen…

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“Having recently given birth, I am keen to get my body back in shape and signing up to Robs personal training sessions was a big step in the right direction. Rob listened to the fact that I not only wanted to lose weight, but more importantly wanted to strengthen and tone my wobbly bits! He tailors the sessions to my personal ability and knows how far to push me. If I’m flagging,Rob reminds me why that particular exercise benefits my body and I’m quickly back on track! Since enlisting Rob, I can see and feel the improvements in my body and having someone to motivate and encourage, makes the workout enjoyable and fun. Rob is knowledgable and ensures my technique is correct so not to injure myself (having arthritis, this is crucial ). I’d recommend Robs experience to anyone looking for a top personal trainer.” – Lisa Barratt (Leeds)

Luke Imeson Fight

Luke Imeson Thai Boxer

“As a professional Thai boxer I was looking for new ways to improve my game. Robs training programme and knowledge has taken my strength and conditioning to new levels. I’ve never before looked and felt as fit and I can feel a huge difference in explosive power. Not only that but my manoeuvrability and flexibility has vastly improved. Rob pays critical attention to lifting technique which has left me injury free throughout the programme and made my strength gains far larger than I thought imaginable. Highly recommended strength and conditioning coach and ideal if like me you want to improve athletic and sporting performance.” – Luke Imeson (Professional Muay Thai fighter)

Senior Women's Squad Coach at Leeds Rowing Club

Henry Clarke – Senior Women’s Squad Coach at Leeds Rowing Club

“It’s fair to say that weights training at Leeds Rowing Club has been revolutionised since Rob joined the coaching team, and particularly so for the Ladies Senior and Development Squads. Rob has designed a training programme carefully tailored to the technical requirements and physical demands of rowing and we have seen some exceptional results. In the Women’s Squads there have been substantial gains in strength and power, and significantly improved performance during water sessions with crews evidently converting these gains effectively into boat speed. Attendance at weights training sessions held at the club has also increased dramatically as a result of Rob’s new programme and expert coaching. Most importantly, Rob adapts his programme and coaching to suit the individual goals and capabilities of each one of our athletes, both supporting them and driving them on to exceed their targets, making his coaching all the more invaluable.” – Henry Clarke, Senior Women’s Squad Coach at Leeds Rowing Club


Senior Men's Squad Leeds Rowing Club

Senior Men’s Squad Leeds Rowing Club

“Rob has quickly become a huge asset to the Rowing club since he started training us in September. I’ve seen the whole club become stronger and fitter in his time here. And for myself, he  has helped me train trough an injury I sustained at the end of 2014 by providing me with exercises that I could do with my injury allowing me keep training and getting stronger! Rob is very knowledgeable and can provide guidance on almost any subject with your fitness goals.” Danny Humphrey, Senior Men’s Squad at Leeds Rowing Club

Des Kelly

Des Kelly – Mixed Double Scull

“Rob started providing strength and condition coaching at Leeds Rowing Club about six-months ago and his input has really helped the squads.  Rob took the time to get to know the sport of rowing so he could plan his coaching accordingly and make it specific.  I’ve really seen the benefit over the last few months and I’m confident this will translate to wins in the racing season.” Des Kelly, Senior Master’s Squad at Leeds Rowing Club