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Strength and Conditioning for Combat Sport

It shouldn’t still shock me (but it does) when I hear coaches and athletes say that “weight training will slow you down” and/or “lifting weights will bulk you up”. This isn’t just what I’ve heard from...

Swiss Ball Roll-outs – Core strength exercise 0

Swiss Ball Roll-outs – Core strength exercise

Roll outs are one of the best anti-extension core exercises out there which I use a lot with my clients and athletes. Here we have Thai Boxing Luke Imeson working on Swiss ball roll-outs...

Power Step-ups 0

Power Step-ups

A top single leg explosive exercise that can be utilised by athletes looking to develop explosive power, particularly combat athletes, team sports, racquet sports etc. Start in a good solid position with your lead...

Barbell Anti-rotation 0

Barbell Anti-rotation

Here we’ve got Thai Boxer Luke Imeson performing an anti-rotation exercise as part of a tri-set. We’re looking for good posture throughout the movement, with hips and shoulders facing forward. Really good exercise to...

Muay Thai Athlete – Power Circuit 0

Muay Thai Athlete – Power Circuit

Thai boxer Luke Imeson working on some quality power movements. Quality over quantity, focussing on explosive efforts. Share List