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Top Five Kit Bag Essentials

Top 5 kit bag essentials for athletes Drink – Add electrolytes and possibly carbohydrates if you have a prolonged/intense session Snack – easily digestible carbohydrate-based snack for just before or during exercise – e.g. banana, apple, high-quality energy bar Foam roller and small massage ball/hockey ball for self manual therapy Mini-bands/resistance bands – very useful…
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Fitness for the youth athlete

This week, I am going to be talking about metabolic conditioning for young athletes which is what most people would refer to as fitness! To put it simply, we all have certain ways in which we produce energy for a given task. These ‘energy systems’ all work alongside one another but certain tasks can be…
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Nutrition For The Youth Athlete

The amount of research on youth athlete nutrition is nowhere near as extensive as adult athletes. There are some BIG differences that must be considered! Check out our infographic to find out more! Share List

The 24-Hour Athlete

I heard this phrase a few years ago from World-renowned coach called Vern Gambetta, with the basic idea was that an athlete might train for 1, 2, 5 + hours per day but what about the rest of the time? There are four main areas to focus on throughout a 24 hour day – sleeping,…
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‘Rona Vertical Jump & Land Progressions

Even with the lack of plyo boxes, mini hurdles etc., there’s still a ton of legit jumping and landing progressions you can use to keep developing as an athlete. Here are our ‘Rona progressions that we’ve been using with our home-based youth athletes (ps. it’s very similar to our usual progressions!) Share List

Horizontal Pull Progressions

Pulling exercises form a crucial benefit for athletes and are often an underdeveloped area of strength, in my experience. I like to use bodyweight progressions initially which encourages good movement of the scapula on the rib cage. Horizontal pulling is one of the areas we work on regularly and here are some of the progressions…
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Flexibility for athletes

Flexibility training is often an afterthought for many young athletes but in this article, I will be giving a basic overview of what flexibility is, what the research says and what may be an optimal method to improve flexibility for certain athletes. Flexibility is the total range of motion of a given joint including the…
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Multidirectional Lunge Progressions

Athletes NEED to get out of the ‘sagittal’ plane and get strong in multiple directions ⬆️⬇️⬅️➡️↗️↘️↙️↖️🔄 🏋️Many athletes focus heavily on traditional squatting, deadlifting and straight-line lunges which is fine BUT…. ‼️You are missing out on some BIG injury reduction and performance gains if that’s all you do!‼️ ✅Here are the progressions we use with…
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Build your work capacity!

In the current situation where most are unable to utilise traditional barbell training methods, we have to adapt and be a bit more creative with our training. So, I have put together a list of the dumbbell complexes or work capacity circuits we tend to use with some of our athletes in the off-season and…
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Top Exercises To Bulletproof Your Hamstrings

Hamstring injuries are very common in athletes. They tend to occur during high-speed running or overreaching/excessive lengthening of the hamstrings in athletes. Here are my top exercises to bulletproof your hamstrings and reduce your risk of injury! Share List